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Work has begun on the horror-thriller film DEAD OF NOWHERE.  The story is about a man who finds himself trapped in a strange lawless town where he must fight various "abominations" in order to escape and save his wife.

Director Chris Young elaborates on the genesis of this project:

"I grew up on 70's and 80's late night cable movies and have always wanted to create my own odd universe with larger- than-life characters in the drive-in cinema style of filmmaking.

I've been intrigued how digital cinema technology has made the stereoscopic 3D experience pixel perfect, and so I spent several months exploring a low-budget, high quality, guerilla-style way of filming that would allow me to shoot 30 set-ups a day, on location in the mojave desert.  Shooting this story in Stereo3D has exceeded my wildest imagination and satisfied my fever dreams of seeing DEAD OF NOWHERE pop off the screen.

We shot a ten minute proof-of-concept short film that sets up the story.  The plan now is to get back out there and make the feature-length version."

The film is written by Stiles White (co-writer of KNOWING and BOOGEYMAN).  "I've been wanting to do a movie that was somewhere between RACE WITH THE DEVIL and Tobe Hooper's THE FUNHOUSE," says White.  "I had this idea for DEAD OF NOWHERE for a while, so when Chris said he wanted to do a film with a throwback vibe and that it would also be in 3D, I thought it was the perfect time to finally make this happen.